$39.99 softcover workbook with video access

$23.99 Kindle version with video access

This companion workbook to the 4-week video series includes 16 daily lessons (4 per week) and one extra conclusion lesson full of practics. You will be studying over 125 verses from the whole Bible.

The weekly videos are available for individuals, even if you’re not part of a group. This study with a group will always be better because of this gift of people. Download the Trust Issues With God Leader’s Guide here free!


4 weeks of personal study to be completed between 4 group sessions.

4 teaching videos, approximately 20-25 minutes per session, available how…

Become friends with Ewan, who is a lot like you.

Available in softcover and Kindle

Video sessions:

Session 1: The Brave Decisions That Define You

Session 2: When Your Pain Leads You to Isolate

Session 3: Finding God in the Overwhelm

Session 4: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


Just got an early sneak peek at “Trust Issues with God” by Brenda Seefeldt Amodea. This Bible study goes deep into the heart of faith and trust, tackling the messy parts of trusting God, with a refreshing honesty.

I really enjoyed the Trust Issues With God Bible study. With over 40 years as a pastor, Brenda guides participants through a four-week video series and a companion workbook, delving into the challenging intersection of pain, 

More Ewan! Ewan, the charismatic sheep mascot of “Trust Issues with God,” brings a unique and relatable touch to the Bible study. With 27 emotions mirroring the diverse feelings that trust issues can trigger, Ewan adds a playful yet

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Brenda’s first book


A small book about being the people that hurting people need.

“Big things really do come in“small packages’! The wisdom that is jam-packed into this easily digestible book far outweighs the number of pages it contains. In fact, its length makes it very palatable and accessible for anyone who is interested in learning to be a more caring, compassionate, and supportive friend (although the weight and impact of the message cannot be quantified!). You are not ‘too busy’ that you can’t afford to create the space to sit with this book, which is jam-packed with helpful tips and life-giving principles. (In fact, I would wonder if, for the sake of your loved ones, you can afford *not* to do so!)”


Order here: https://bravester.com/new-book-from-bravester/