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Through the tool of Bible study, Brenda honestly addresses the universal struggle with trust, particularly in relation to God. This Bible study draws from over 125 Bible verses from both the Old and New Testament as well as her personal experiences of heartbreak and resilience as well as the collective wisdom of her church family. You will find honesty, a-ha moments, and hope.


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Discover Trust Issues with God, a Bible study with video. 

Prepare to delve into some uncomfortable and hopeful learning from Rev. Brenda Seefeldt Amodea and Bravester. Pain is a beginning or pain is the door to distrusting God.

Life is unfair. When the unfair thing happens, we look for a reason, a solution, a purpose, justice. These are all things we expect from God. When God doesn’t deliver when we expect or need him to, there is a gap in our understanding of who God is. This Bible study is to help you fill in that gap with trust over suspicion by exploring the truths of the Bible, both individually and in a group setting. This study will cover the whole Bible with over 125 Bible verses.

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