This companion workbook to the 4-week video series includes 16 daily lessons (4 per week) and one extra conclusion lesson full of practices.

Features of the study include:

  • 4 weeks of personal study to be completed between 4 group sessions.
  • 4 teaching videos, approximately 20-25 minutes per session.
  • Become friends with Ewan, our sheep mascot, who is a lot like you. Ewan comes in 27 emotions because trust issues do trigger emotions.
  • Available in softcover and Kindle.
  • The weekly videos are available for individuals. Trust issues trigger vulnerability and sometimes people can be too much. Though this study with a group will always be better because of this gift of people.

 This Bible study is written by Rev. Brenda Seefeldt Amodea and published by Bravester. Brenda has been a pastor for 40+ years. She was ordained by the Assemblies of God. She left the Assemblies of God to serve at a nondenominational church for 25 years as their youth pastor. Brenda has worked with teens since 1981 to present. She has lived through the teen years in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and now into the 2020s. Imagine that collected wisdom! Imagine just the teen language trends she has lived through. She currently pastors Larger Story Church. Brenda brings all of this wisdom to this Bible study. is a faith-based website focused on the brave decisions a life of faith requires–specifically in faith, dating, and the parenting of teens.

Some quotes from the Bible study:

  • “Can you trust God at a starting point of 51% and try to do that on a daily basis while we go through this study?”
  • “Disbelief in God or creating a God with your own rules makes more sense to you than believing in a God who would allow this terrible.”
  • “God’s love for me is a love that also waits. Love defined by me would be to rush to someone’s side to help and to fix, and to have an end to this pain. Yet sometimes love also has to wait. You know this is true.”
  • “How boring would it be to serve a God whose every move you could predict? This would make God boring. Have you ever called God boring? Hmmm…”

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