Just got an early sneak peek at “Trust Issues with God” by Brenda Seefeldt Amodea. This Bible study goes deep into the heart of faith and trust, tackling the messy parts of trusting God, with a refreshing honesty. And it’s packed full of scripture.

The Bible study comes with a professionally designed full 8.5″ X 11″ workbook and four videos recorded in front of a live audience. In a very short time I have learned so much with this Bible study and I think you will too.

Mark, Virginia

I really enjoyed the Trust Issues With God Bible study. With over 40 years as a pastor, Brenda guides participants through a four-week video series and a companion workbook, delving into the challenging intersection of pain, unfairness, and our expectations from God. And then there’s Ewan the sheep with his with 27 emotions, representing the real issues we all face. The study is very well written, there’s a ton of Bible in it and it has already helped me face some issues I have had in my life over the years.

Shelly, Michigan

More Ewan! Ewan, the charismatic sheep mascot of “Trust Issues with God,” brings a unique and relatable touch to the Bible study. With 27 emotions mirroring the diverse feelings that trust issues can trigger, Ewan adds a playful yet insightful dimension, making the journey of self-discovery and faith exploration all the more engaging.

Brenda’s teaching, insight and expertise come through in a powerful way in this study.

Jose, California